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I love Quick Pages!  They are perfect for scrapping old photos, like this one of my husband and his mom, where I don’t know the story or have anything particularly to journal.  I just want the picture out of the box for everybody to enjoy!!  This sweet Quick Page was featured on my Top 10 Freebies list today and is still available from Dreamn4ever on her blog here.


Connect with Other People

There is a fun Designer Challenge going on over at The Studio this month.  They are competing for the “Next Designer” and creating these wonderful mini-kits and sharing them for free with us non-designers.  The freebies start on page 2 of the forum post here.  This is only Round One, so put this one on your watch list for the rest of the month!

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Today’s Freebie Field Trip takes us to 4 My Babies Scraps.  Although she hasn’t been designing for a little while, her blog is full of freebie clusters and Quick Pages – including some Disney ones!  I spot checked the links back as far as 2011 and they still worked!  Enjoy!

This is just one of the many goodies added to my Facebook Freebies page in the last 24 hours. >>>>


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Don’t forget to grab the pieces to the free Daily Download kits!

These are blogs or stores that give away a kit, a little at a time, usually over the course of a month or a week or two.

Some are direct downloads from a blog and some you have to add to your cart and checkout in their store – but they are all free!

The details for each one are on my Daily Download Kits page. Once you collect all of the pieces, you will end up with some great kits!


Sept. 16 Daily Download

Lil Artist Kit - Daily Donwload - September 02

Years Ago Daily Download by Silvia Romeo - Day 02