Create Something

All of the patriotic kits and freebies lately are just beautiful. I made this page of my son’s Boy Scout Troop using the cluster from Alexis Design that I shared on my Top 10 List on Saturday and some papers from Touched by a Butterfly.


Connect with other people
Did you register at the Scraps N Pieces forum yesterday? Well, you are going to want to now! We are heading to SNP for a Speed Scrap at 8 pm CDT today, as well as exploring in one of the galleries below.

Scrappin Serenity is sponsoring Speed Scrap #294 today. She gives away some great participation prizes, but she hasn’t said what today’s prize will be.

Just hop on over to the SNP forum here when it is time to start and the instructions will be there for you.

Go Exploring
Our Freebie Field trip is to the SNP Photoshop Class Gallery. How it works is that people take classes to learn how to do lots of different things in Photoshop and then post the results of their newly learned skills in the gallery – often with links to download for free! Lots to see here, so take your time and enjoy yourself!

There is a Photoshop mentoring class still in progress, so the first little group of gallery pics don’t have links yet. Once you get to the kit above though, the freebie floodgates are open!

I found this treasure on page 11 from May of 2013. The links still work – very cool!

Facebook Freebies
Here are some of the goodies added to my Facebook Freebies page in the last 24 hours.

Do Some Sale Shopping
Last day for Pickleberry Pop’s Retirement Sale. Tons of deals here – like those clipping masks for 80 cents!

Don’t forget today’s pieces to the free Daily Download Kits!
These are blogs or stores that give away a kit, a little at a time, usually over the course of a month or a week or two. Some are direct downloads from a blog and some you have to add to your cart and checkout in their store – but they are all free! The details for each one are on my Daily Download Kits page. Once you collect all of the pieces, you will end up with some great kits!